Assay Kits and Proteins for Drug Discovery

Assist studies in cancer research, epigenetics and autoimmune disease.

AMSBIO supplies a unique range of highly active enzymes, including demethylases, methyltransferases, HDACs, poly-ADP-ribose polymerases, DPPs, and ubiquitin pathway proteins, as well as an extensive portfolio of kinases, phosphodiesterases, phosphatases, and cytokines. These cover a collection of tools for profiling and inhibitor screening activity assays for drug discovery. We also provide a broad selection of direct activity assay kits, in addition to our custom protein expression and profiling services.

Tools for Drug Discovery

Histone methyltransferases and histone demethylases are important drug targets. Our histone methylation product range includes substrates, enzymes and assays for PRMTs, EZHs, NSDs, SETDs, and SUVs.

Methylation of DNA is required for gene regulation playing a crucial role in the development of cancer. We offer several DNMT assay kits and enzymes for measuring DNMT activity or inhibitors in cells.

Histone deacetylases (HDACs) repress transcription, and HDAC inhibitors (HDIs) are potent inducers of growth arrest, differentiation, and apoptosis. This makes HDIs key targets for drug discovery. AMSBIO offers a complete panel of HDAC and sirtuin reagents, including enzymes, substrates, and assay kits.

Bromodomains (BRDs) are emerging as a new class of targets which will be important in cancer drug discovery as well as treatments of inflammatory diseases. AMSBIO provides a portfolio of BRDs and kits suitable for bromodomain profiling, inhibitor screening assays, and drug discovery.

AMSBIO provide a selection of PARP enzymes and kits. Poly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase (PARP) is involved in chromatin remodeling, and cellular processes involving DNA repair and programmed cell death

AMSBIO offers a broad range of kinase enzymes and substrates, including; receptor tyrosine kinases, non-receptor tyrosine kinases, lipid kinases, and serine/threonine kinases.

AMSBIO offer a collection of enzymes of both protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs) and the transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases (RPTPs).

We supply a collection of proteases, activity assays, inhibitor screening kits, and substrates and cofactors.

AMSBIO provides many unique enzymes for the study of ubiquitin regulated pathways such as apoptosis, DNA repair, epigenetic modification of histones, and embryonic development.

Phosphodiesterases (PDEs) play an important role in the dynamic regulation of cAMP and cGMP signalling. AMSBIO provides PDE kits to identify PDE inhibitors, and PDE enzymes for enzyme kinetic studies.

AMSBIO provides the highest quality cytokines and growth factors for optimal cell growth and development. Every lot is tested for biological potency and cell proliferation.

AMSBIO offers many purified, soluble immunoreceptors involved in key immunosignaling pathways. Additionally, we offer a number of assay kits that can be used to screen for inhibitors of protein-protein interaction, as well as neutralizing antibodies to serve as positive controls for inhibition.

Protein Arginine Deiminases

The post-translational modification of histones has significant effects on overall chromatin function. One such modification is citrullination or arginine de-imination, which is catalyzed by the protein arginine deiminases (PADs), a unique family of enzymes that catalyzes the hydrolysis or peptidyl-arginine to form peptidyl-citrulline on histones, fibrinogen, and other biologically relevant proteins. Overexpression and/or increased PAD activity is observed in several diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease multiple sclerosis, lupus, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer.

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We also provide custom services for selectivity profiling and inhibitor screening!