Laboratory Reagents used in Research Lab

Reagents & Labware

Quality reagents and equipment for your research

High quality research requires high quality reagents and equipment. AMSBIO offers a comprehensive range of life science research reagents and laboratory equipment for use in a variety of research areas. From enzymes and carbohydrates, to glycobiology products and gold and silver coated substrates, we have the reagents and labware you need for your experiments.


Other Enzymes

A range of specialist enzymes including GAG degrading enzymes, collagenases and zymolyases

Labware and Equipment

A wide variety of specialist laboratory equipment for use in a range of research applications

Reagents & Consumables

A selection of high quality reagents and laboratory consumables 


A variety of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and oligosaccharides from a range of sources

Gold & Silver Coated Substrates

Glass slides, coverslips, and silicon wafers for use in cell culture, microarrays, surface plasmon reflectometry and scanning probe microscopy

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