Protein Phosphatases

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Protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs) are involved in a variety of cellular processes such as signal transduction, cell cycle regulation, and differentiation. The transmembrane Receptor Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases (RPTPs) are key regulators of cell-cell adhesion, immune signaling, and neuronal morphogenesis throughout vertebrate and invertebrate systems. Regulators of RPTPs have been proposed as potential therapeutics for diabetes, obesity, CNS disorders, COPD, and cardiovascular disorders.

Assay Kits

NamePacksize Order
Fluorogenic PTP1B (Catalytic Region) Assay Kit96 reactions View
Fluorogenic SHP1 (PTPN6) Assay Kit96 reactions View
Homogeneous Full Length SHP-2 Assay Kit96 reactions View
Homogeneous SHP-2 Assay Kit (Catalytic Subunit)96 reactions View
PTP1B Colorimetric Assay Kit96 reactions View

Non-Receptor Tyrosine Phosphatases

NameDatasheetPacksize Order
Bas (PTPN13), GST-tag-20 ug View
MEG-1 (PTPN4), GST-tag-20 ug View
MEG-2 (PTPN9), GST-tag-20 ug View
Mouse PTP1B(1-321)/PTPN, GST-tag-20 ug View
PEST (PTPN12), GST-tag-20 ug View
PRL1 (2-173), His-tag-50 ug View
PRL2 (2-167), His-tag-50 ug View
PRL3 (2-173), His-tag-50 ug View
PTP1B (PTPN1) full length, GST-tag-20 ug View
PTP1B(1-321)/PTPN1, GST-tag-20 ug View
Rat PTP1B(1-321)/PTPN1, GST-tag-20 ug View
SHP-1(PTPN6), GST-tag-20 ug View
SHP-1, His-Tag-20 ug View
SHP-2 (PTPN11), GST-tag-20 ug View
SHP-2, His-Tag-20 ug View
SHP2 Activating Peptide (IRS1_pY1172(dPEG8)pY1222)100 ul View
SHP2 Activating Peptide (IRS1_pY1172(dPEG8)pY1222)-25 ul View
TC-PTP(PTPN2), GST-tag-20 ug View

Receptor Tyrosine Phosphatases

NamePacksize Order
CD45(PTPRC), His-tag50 ug View
DEP1(PTPRJ), GST-tag20 ug View
LAR (PTPRF), GST-tag20 ug View
PTP? (PTPRS), GST-tag20 ug View
PTPIA2(PTPRN), GST-tag20 ug View
PTPbeta, GST-tag20 ug View
PTPu (PTPRM), GST-tag20 ug View
RPTPgamma (PTPRG), GST-tag20 ug View

Serine Phosphatases

NamePacksize Order
PP1A, Active, GST-tag10 ug View
PP2A-alpha, His-tag/PP2AR, GST-tag20 ug View
STYXL1100 ug View