A wealth of resources for protease research

Protease is the name given to a class of enzymes that catalyze protein catabolism by hydrolysis of the peptide bonds linking amino acids together. Proteases are involved in protein processing, regulation of protein function, apoptosis, viral pathogenesis, digestion, photosynthesis, and numerous other vital processes. Proteases offer a valuable target in many therapeutic settings, including Alzheimer’s, cancer, and viral infection. In fact, one of the most widely used classes of anti-viral therapeutics is protease inhibitors, which are used to treat both HIV and HCV infections.

Assay Kits

NamePacksize Order
DPP3 Assay Kit96 reactions View
DPP4 Assay Kit96 reactions View
DPP7 Assay Kit96 reactions View
DPP8 Assay Kit96 reactions View
DPP9 Assay Kit96 reactions View
FAP Fluorogenic Assay Kit96 reactions View
Fluorogenic MALT1 Assay Kit96 reactions View
POP Assay Kit96 reactions View
Renin Assay Kit96 reactions View
Sortase Sampling Kit50 ug View

Recombinant Proteins

NamePacksize Order
Activated Protein C (PROC), His-tag20 ug View
Cathepsin B, His-tag10 ug View
Cathepsin F, His-tag50 ug View
Cathepsin L, His-tag10 ug View
Cathepsin S, His-tag10 ug View
Cathepsin V, His-tag10 ug View
DPP3, GST-tag10 ug View
DPP4, His-tag10 ug View
DPP7, His-tag10 ug View
DPP8, GST-tag10 ug View
DPP9, GST-tag10 ug View
FAP, His-Tag (Mouse)25 ug View
FAP, His-tag25 ug View
HCV1a (D168E), FLAG-His-tags20 ug View
HCV1a (D168V), FLAG-His-tags20 ug View
HCV1a (R155K), FLAG-His-tags20 ug View
HCV1a, FLAG-His-tags20 ug View
HCV1b (D168V), FLAG-His-tags20 ug View
HCV1b (R155K), FLAG-His-tags20 ug View
HCV1b (R155Q), FLAG-His-tags20 ug View
HCV1b, FLAG-His-tags20 ug View
HCV2a, FLAG-His-tags20 ug View
MALT1, FLAG-Tag (Mouse)20 ug View
MME, His-tag20 ug View
MMP1, His-tag20 ug View
MMP2, His-tag (HEK293-derived)20 ug View
MMP9 (Q279R), His-tag20 ug View
POP Assay Kit96 reactions View
PrCP, His-tag10 ug View
Prolyl Oligopeptidase/Prolyl Endopeptidase, His-tag20 ug View
Rat Renin, His-tag100 ug View
Renin, His-tag100 ug View
SiMPLe Protein Labeling Kit (Sortase Mediated Protein Ligation)3 units of Sortase View
Sortase A Pentamutant, S. aureus, His-tag50 ug View
Sortase A, S. aureus, His-tag50 ug View

Substrates and Cofactors

NamePacksize Order
Fluorogenic Cathepsin F Substrate100 ul View
Fluorogenic Cathepsin Substrate 1100 ul View
Fluorogenic DPP substrate1100 ul View
Fluorogenic DPP substrate2100 ul View
GPC3, Avi-His-Tagged100 ug View
GPC3, Avi-His-Tagged, Biotin-Labeled50 ug View