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CAR-T constructs based on your antibody sequences

Our custom chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) service is designed to take advantage of the astonishing clinical breakthroughs achieved with CAR-T cells in various haematological malignancies. With our expertise in monoclonal antibody development (rabbit and mouse), we can help you design, plan and execute your CAR-T study, whether you are in the preclinical, clinical or proof of concept stage

Our Services

Our CAR-T platform is highly adaptable to your needs and starting materials, as we can start with a target molecule (Phase I) or antibody (Phase II). We construct the single chain variable fragment (ScFv), transfer it into a CAR lentivector of your choice, make lentivirus and transduce activated human (or mouse) T cells. After the CAR-T cells proliferate, we measure the cytotoxicity in a real time assay, analyse CAR expression and quantitate cytokine production.

Development StageDescriptionEstimated Time
Phase I
  • Immunization of Balb/C mice with recombinant protein or carrier/conjugated peptide
  • Generation of hybridoma cell lines
  • Antibody screening by ELISA or Western blotting
  • Option available to generate a fully human monoclonal antibody
25 weeks
Phase II
  • Sequencing of the antibody’s heavy and light chain variable regions
4 weeks
Phase III
  • Construction of an ScFv containing the antibody’s heavy and light chain variable regions
  • Cloning of the ScFv and selected CAR domains into a lentivector
  • Production of 107 lentiviral particles encoding CAR
4 weeks
Phase IV
  • T cell activation, transduction and expansion to generate 5 x 107 cells
  • Analysis of CAR expression by flow cytometry
3 weeks
Phase V
  • Measurement of IFNγ induction by ELISA
  • Cytotoxicity by either flow cytometry or real time cellular analysis (RTCA)
3 weeks

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