RNAi Products

Innovative tools for your RNA interference research

RNA interference (RNAi) technology is revolutionizing the way researchers carry out loss of function studies and gene expression analysis, as well as showing increasing promise in cell therapy and reverse genetics. Whether you want to achieve transient gene suppression with siRNA, stable gene suppression with shRNA, or delivery of shRNA encoded in a lentiviral expression plasmid, we have the products you need.

AMSBIO provides a comprehensive range of innovative RNAi tools, siRNA products, including siRNA, miRNA and lentiviral particles, to support and accelerate your research in this field.



Trilencer-27 siRNA kit provides guaranteed knockdown for siRNA gene silencing and genome wide coverage for human, mouse and rat genes 

siRNA Plasmids

HuSH-29 genome-wide shRNA delivers guaranteed knockdown and suppresses gene expression over a long period


A broad range of ready-to-use microRNAs isolated from tissue samples. Rigorous quality control tests performed to confirm that each preparation contains intact microRN...

shRNA Lentiviral Particles

Simple, ready-to-use particles that are directly added to cells to enable efficient shRNA delivery

shRNA Lentivirus Expression Plasmids

Lentiviral vectors acting as a gene delivery tool, enable infection of many cells with high transduction efficiency 

Custom Service

Our Lentivirus custom services make ready-to-use constitutive or inducible over-expression lentivirus for any specific gene as well as high titer ready-to-use shRNA lentivirus for your targets.

Please contact us to discuss your custom project or to inquire about our RNAi range of products