specialized enzymes. Chondroitinase, heparinase, hyaluronidase, keratanase, and endo- and exo-glycosidases are among of our glycosaminoglycan (GAG) degrading enzymes.

Enzyme Activity Assays

Reliable kinetic evaluation of enzyme activity

Enzyme assays are used in laboratories to measure enzymatic activity, and are a vital tool in enzyme inhibition and enzyme kinetics studies.

AMSBIO offers one of the largest selections of recombinant enzymes and enzyme activity assays for profiling, inhibitor screening assays, and drug discovery. We offer a broad range of enzyme activity assays including exclusive assays for deacetylases, PARP, methyltransferases, dipeptidyl peptidases, lipid kinases, and tyrosine phosphatases to assist studies into some of the most important targets in cancer research, epigenetics and autoimmune disorders.

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