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Viral Delivery and Viral Vector Transfection tools| AMSBIO

Advanced methods for protein, shRNA and miRNA delivery

Virus-mediated gene transfer has become an indispensable technique used for the introduction of foreign DNA into eukaryotic cells.

AMSBIO offers a wide range of viral particles for successful gene delivery. Utilizing our lentivirus, adenovirus or adeno-associated viruses, you can efficiently introduce specific ORF, shRNA and miRNA to your cells.


Lentiviral Particles

Simple, ready-to-use particles that are directly added to cells with no need for transfection reagents 

Adenoviral Particles

Ready-to-use adenoviral particles containing a target expressed under an enhanced human cytomegalovirus (suCMV) promoter

Adeno-Associated Viral Particles

High quality rAAV vectors and AAV Expression Systems, used to express shRNA or human ORF

Custom Viral Services

We offer a range of lentivirus, adenovirus & AAV custom services. Simply detail your requirements and let us do the work! Please visit our custom viral services page for more information or contact us with any inquiries regarding our viral delivery products