High-Quality Recombinant Proteins offered by AMS Biotechnology

Recombinant Proteins

Pure high-quality recombinant proteins for multiple applications

Purified proteins produced in labs are invaluable tools for a variety of research applications including cell signaling, cell growth and differentiation, and disease progression studies, as well as having growing roles in therapeutic medicine.

AMSBIO supplies thousands of cost-effective high quality histone modifying recombinant enzymes, recombinant growth factors, recombinant enzymes, gmp recombinant proteins and recombinant proteins with uncompromised biological activity and purity, including cytokines, growth factors, chemokines, and hormones. Along with recombinant proteins expressed in E.coli, we provide a growing range of purified full length human proteins expressed in HEK293 cells and insect cells.

We also offer a range of animal and endotoxin-free recombinant growth factors and cytokines tailored to your stem cell research by greatly reducing the risk of contamination.


Biotin labelled

A selection of biotinylated proteins with superb bioactivity and high detection sensitivity 

Growth factors & cytokines

An extensive range of recombinant cell signaling molecules for cell culture 

Immunotherapy Proteins

Purified, soluble immunoreceptors involved in key immunosignaling pathways 


A range of nucleosomes, histones, bromodomains, DNA & histone modifying enzymes as well as small molecule epigenetic modulators 


Purified human recombinant protein & lipid kinases for consistent, reliable results   

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