Cell Culture Products & Reagents offered by AMS Biotechnology

Cells & Cell Culture

Vital tools for successful cell culture

Cell culture is an essential tool used to provide physiologically relevant model systems in cellular and molecular biology. Utilized in the study of normal vs diseased physiology and biochemistry, investigating the effect of drugs on cells, drug screening/development and toxicity testing, cell culture produces consistent and reproducible results in a variety of research areas.

AMSBIO offers a range of high quality, specialized products for your cell culture experiments. From primary cells and cell lines to 3D cell culture products and transfection reagents, our aim is to provide you with all of the tools you need to successfully perform your research, no matter how focused this may be.


Cell Lines

A wide range of ready-to-use cell lines, including reporter cell lines, fluorescent cell lines and knock-out cell lines 

FFPE Cell Line Controls

A selection of cell line controls for reliable validation

Cell Line Lysates

Total and compartmental cell line lysates from popular cell lines and tissues 

Primary Cells

High quality human and animal primary cells, delivered cryopreserved or plated

Stem Cells

High quality ES cell lines, adult stem cell lines, and reagents and primary cells to create custom iPS cells 

Cell Culture Kits

For use in routine procedures including cell proliferation assays, transfection, cell staining and harvesting

3D Cell Culture & Extracellular Matrices

Unique range of products including natural extracellular matrix (ECM), recombinant ECM, scaffolds and products for spheroid formation.

Media and Reagents

Specialized cell culture media and reagents 

Transfection Reagents

Standard and specialized transfection reagents for the successful delivery of DNA, RNA, protein and siRNA into cells

Viral Delivery

Lentiviral, adenoviral and adeno-associated viral particles for introduction of specific ORF, shRNA and miRNA to your cells

Other Kits

Lentiviral, adenoviral and adeno-associated viral particles for introduction of specific ORF, shRNA and miRNA to your cells

Applications of Cell Culture

  • Model systems
  • Drug screening & development
  • Cancer Research
  • Toxicity testing
  • Vaccine development
  • Genetic engineering

Custom Services

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We offer a wide range of custom cell-based assay services to provide you with tailor-made tools for your research. Please visit our custom services page for more information or contact us with any inquiries