Cell Cuture Reagents and Media from AMS Bio

Media and Reagents

Specialized cell culture media and reagents

Cell culture media is essential for cells to grow and survive within in vitro environments.

AMSBIO offers a wide range of general and specific cell culture media including unique ranges of media for the growth of stem cells, and cryopreservation media for all cell types. Our goal is to provide customers with consistent high quality media at the best prices, allowing researchers the freedom and convenience to optimize their own systems.


Primary Cell Media

Optimized media for the culture of primary normal and tumour cells 

Stem Cell Media

AMSBIO offers StemFit® a xeno-free, defined medium proven to effectively maintain iPS and ES cells under feeder-free conditions

Stem Cell Culture Reagents

A selection of reagents for your stem cell culture 

Cell Freezing Media

AMSBIO offers the CELLBANKER® series of cyropreservation media to ensure long-term storage of cell lines, primary and stem cells 

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