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Exosomes were initially thought of as just a way for cells to get rid of waste. They are now accepted as important mediators of cell-cell communication, and are studied for their role in normal biological processes and use as biomarkers for diseases, such as cancer. Exosomes are showing exciting therapeutic potential as a targeted delivery system, and are attractive starting materials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications.

AMSBIO is excited to offer a wide selection of products dedicated to Exosome Research. This includes high quality reagents and kits that are quick, affordable and easy to use. Our new line of exosome products will facilitate your understanding of exosomes using a wide variety of samples.



High quality human and animal biospecimens 

Our Products

We provide a series of ready-to-use exosome quantification ELISA plates for precise exosome quantification and multiple marker analyses in a number of pathological conditions including inflammation, cancer or neurodegenerative diseases.

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Human CD63 Expressed Exosome Detection Assay Kit1 kit View
Human CD9 Expressed Exosome Detection Assay kit1 kit View

Our exosome isolation tools include immunoplates and immunobeads for easy and efficient overall or specific intact exosome isolation from small volumes of biological fluids or cell culture media.

Reagents, immunobeads and immunoplates for highly pure exosome isolation from small volumes of biological fluids or cell media samples. Isolated exosomes are suitable for a wide range of downstream analyses.

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Lyophilized Exosome Standards can be used as positive controls for immunocapture performance evaluation in a number of laboratory techniques, including FACS, Western blotting, and ELISAs. We offer both Exosome Standards from human biological fluids (e.g. plasma, serum, urine) and from cell culture supernatants of a range of human cancer cell lines. The lyophilization enables long-term stability of the exosomes at 4ºC.

We also have a selection of Fluorescent Standards for exosome tracking in fluorescence microscopy experiments. The exosomes are labelled with a stable green dye, providing a long-lasting well visible signal. The exosomes are quantified for overall protein content and particle number and validated by NTA.

With no need to precipitate, concentrate, or desalt before PCR and sequencing, the ExoDNA™ Extraction Kit allows exosomal DNA extraction from purified exosomes isolated from biofluids and cell supernatants.

For efficient isolation and extraction of total RNA from variety of samples, use the ExoRNA™ Kit. This kit enables efficient isolation and extraction of high-quality total RNA.

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