Mass Spec Standards for accurate quantification & identification of human proteins

Mass Spec Standards

Accurate quantification & identification of human proteins

With the ever-present importance of proteomics research in biomedical and biotechnological applications comes the need for high quality protein standards.

AMSBIO provides mass spectrometry (MS) standards for thousands of human proteins. Produced in human HEK293T cells, the labeled full length proteins are the best standards for protein quantification, protein identification and biomarker discovery.

Comparison of AMSBIO's protein based MS Internal Standard vs. AQUA or QconCAT peptide based MS internal standard

Reproducibility High Low Mid
Identification of best SRM and MRM transiations Yes No No
Post-translational modifications and processing Yes No No
Coverage 5000 100s N/A

Advantages of our Mass Spectrometry Standards

  • Spiking at the early stage of sample process for accurate quantification
  • Identify the best Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) and Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) transitions through experimental data
  • Authentic posttranslational modifications (PTMs) by using the human HEK293T cell line.
  • Higher data consistency than synthetic peptide internal standards
  • Suitable for all types of MS equipment
  • Over 90% incorporation efficiency

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