Magnetic beads for protein purification

Magnetic Beads

Magnetic DNA & RNA purification

Magnetic DNA and RNA purification is becoming an increasingly popular method over traditional centrifuge-dependent isolation techniques. The ease, speed and scalability of magnetic beads makes them an obvious choice for researchers needing to isolate high quality nucleic acids, as well as for use in biomolecular interaction studies. Magnetic beads also play an important role in PCR reaction purification and Dye-Terminator removal after sequencing reactions.

AMSBIO offers a range of superior magnetic products for use in DNA and RNA purification as well in reaction clean-up. Different sized magnetic silica beads are offered, including COOH surface beads and kits for DNA isolation from blood, saliva and plant material. We also provide kits for PCR reaction clean-up and size selection for NGS library preparation.

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