Cloning Vectors available for your cloning and gene expression needs

Plasmid gene cloning vector

A host of vectors for your molecular cloning research

Molecular cloning studies use vectors to transfer select genetic material into a cell or organism to direct its replication or expression. Vector technology enables cloning and expression of genes of varied sizes and from a variety of species. This makes cloning vectors an invaluable tool for gene analysis, library construction, protein expression analysis and molecular cloning.

AMSBIO provides a range of specialized host vectors, including microRNA, CRISPR, shRNA, lentivectors and tagged/untagged cloning vectors, to cater to your specific cloning and gene expression needs.


Tagged Cloning Vectors

A selection of tagged (His, Myc, DDK, GFP…) cloning vectors to allow for the detection of gene expression within live cells

shRNA Vectors

A collection of shRNA vector variations for use in your RNAi experiments 

CRISPR Vectors

A selection of CRISPR/Cas9 vectors for use in genome editing

MicroRNA Vector

MicroRNA lentiviral cloning and expression vectors allowing miRNA expression to be verified and tracked in cells with a fluorescent protein marker 

3'-UTR Assay Vector

Vectors for 3’UTR clones to enable study of the inhibitory effect between miRNAs and their target genes 

Competent Cells

A variety of highly efficient competent E.coli strains for high quality plasmid preparations 

Custom Service

Cant find what you need? We offer a comprehensive custom service to provide you with tailor-made vectors for your research. Please visit our Cloning Vectors service page, or contact us for more information.