Molecular Biology Products to aid in your research

Molecular Biology Products & Reagents

Essential products to optimize your molecular biology research

AMSBIO offers a comprehensive range of high quality molecular biology products to accelerate your research. Covering applications including PCR, CRISPR-mediated genome editing, cloning, nucleic acid isolation, and transfection, our products which include viral delivery systems (lentivirus, adenovirus, adeno-associated virus),  high quality enzymes and a wide range of magnetic beads DNA purification are optimized to support you throughout all of your molecular biology workflows. We help you to deliver reliable and reproducible results.


Cloning Vectors

A range of specialized host vectors, including ORF, microRNA, CRISPR, shRNA and tagged/untagged cloning vectors

cDNA Clones

Full length ORF and cDNA clones including 3' UTR cDNA clones and lentiviral and adenoviral vectors


Products for use in RNA interference analysis including siRNA, shRNA, miRNA and lentiviral particles

Genome Editing

CRISPR/Cas9 products including cloning kits, vectors and knockout kits 

PCR Reagents

A variety of PCR products including primer pairs, qPCR standards, and a range of PCR enzymes and polymerases 

Transfection Reagents

Lipid-based transfection reagents for the delivery of DNA, RNA and siRNA into a variety of cell types

Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits

A selection of kits for the extraction and purification of high quality DNA and RNA

Molecular Biology Enzymes

High quality molecular biology enzymes for use in a wide variety of research applications

Magnetic Beads

A range of magnetic silica beads for use in DNA & RNA purification as well as in protein isolation and biomolecular interaction studies 


A wide range of different reagents and kits for your molecular biology research

Custom Services

Can’t find what you need? We offer a wide range of custom services, please visit our Molecular Biology custom services page to find out more.