Cardiovascular Research Products & Applications

Discover the inner workings of the circulatory system

Cardiovascular means something which relates to the heart and blood vessels. The cardiovascular system, also called the circulatory system, allows blood and nutrients to circulate around the body.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a broad term describing any disease which affects the heart or blood vessels. Many of these diseases are heritable and many are linked to atherosclerosis, a condition which involves a buildup of fatty deposits in artery walls causing them to narrow and harden. This reduces blood flow to the heart or brain which can have serious consequences. Cardiovascular research is crucial to the understanding of cardiovascular diseases at a cellular and molecular as well as a genetic level.



 A comprehensive range of monoclonal, polyclonal and secondary antibodies


High quality human and animal biospecimens 

Cells & Cell Culture

Primary cells and cell lines, 3D cell culture products and transfection reagents

Kits & Assays

For the study of apoptosis, DNA damage, oxidative stress, angiogenesis, enzyme activity an...

Proteins & Peptides

An extensive range of high quality human and animal protein products