Magnetic Beads

Surface-activated magnetic beads for immobilization of molecules of interest

Magnetic beads are a powerful tool used in many aspects of protein separation, proteomics, genomics research and in vitro diagnostics.

AMSBIO supplies a unique range of magnetic silica beads for biological applications. Our magnetic beads range in size from 150nm to 5μm and can have a wide range of surface properties, functional groups, and magnetic properties.

MagSi beads are specifically designed for the separation, concentration and purification of bio-molecules and specific cells or cell compartments.  Possible applications are immunoassays, sample preparation for HPLC & MS and immobilization of a wide range of biomolecules.

DNA, RNA & Sequencing Applications

For binding DNA & RNA, available in a range of sizes and physical characteristics, with either a plain silica or carboxylated surface. To find optimal beads for your application, try the trial kit.

Everything you need for quick extraction of DNA/RNA from human, animal, plant, viral or bacterial samples. You can also find out more about our MagSI-NA Pathogens Kit here.

A convenient kit for ultra-fast and efficient purification and size selection of DNA products.

An efficient solution for Dye-Terminator removal from BigDye® sequencing reactions.

Mass Spectrometry Applications

Magnetic bead-based sample preparation kits for LC-MS/HPLC, utilising a negative selection technology to remove proteins and other interfering compounds in biological samples.

Protein Applications

Magnetic beads for protein and peptide sample preparation: sample concentration, desalting, fractionation. Either with a hydrophobic C4, C8 or C18 coated surface or with a weak anion exchange/weak cation exchange surface. For information please see: MagSi-WCX & MagSi-WAX

Streptavidin-coated MagSi-STA to bind a biotinylated target, MagSi-Direct for a simple protocol leveraging a unique ‘nanoglue’ surface, or for coupling with a specific chemistry explore the MagSi-Tools range.

Antibody Applications

Protein A and Protein G conjugated magnetic beads for antibody capture, enabling easy pull-down assays of your protein of interest. Or for biotinylated antibodies, use the streptavidin coated MagSi-STA.


The MagSi-Tools range includes specific surface chemistries for all applications, including silica, -COOH, -NH2 -SH, -CHO, -tosyl, -hydrazide and -epoxy activation.

The coating of MagSi-Direct acts as a nanoglue, non-specifically binding electron-rich groups on a wide range of medium-large biomolecules including antibodies, proteins, lectins, peptide aptamers and non-protein molecules.

Magnetic beads with physical characteristics and surface chemistry tailored to your needs. Get in touch with your unique requirements.

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We also offer a custom magnetic beads service which allows us to provide you with tailor-made products for your research. Please visit our custom services page for more information.