Double-stranded DNA

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Extensive collection of genomic and cDNA from tissues

We help you maximize your valuable research time by enabling the immediate study of genes of interest in many different tissues.

Our DNA biorepository gives you access to thousands of high quality DNA products to support your research. From genomic DNA and panels to cDNA from tissue and cDNA panels, samples cover a range of tissue types and disease conditions from over 20 species.

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Tissue Type


cDNA from Tissue

Ready-to-use cDNAs synthesised from a wide range of species and tissues covering both normal and diseased tissues  

cDNA Arrays and Panels

A wide range of normal and tumour tissue cDNA arrays and panels from both human and animal samples 

Genomic DNA from Tissues

High quality animal and human genomic DNA isolated from a range of normal and diseased tissues 

Genomic DNA Panels

A collection of genomic DNA panels from both normal and diseased or tumor human tissues as well as healthy animal tissues

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