Cell-Free Protein Expression System ALiCE®

High yield cell-free protein expression system

ALiCE® is a new eukaryotic cell-free protein expression (CFPE) system, utilizing tobacco cell lysates. With energy input sustained for 48 hours, ALiCE® yields an unprecedented 3mg/ml in batch mode. This compares to a maximum 1 mg/ml of prokaryotic CFPE systems, which are only capable of producing simple proteins, and most relevantly to 0.1 mg/ml of other eukaryotic CFPE systems.

      • Screening
      • Target protein characterization
      • Protein optimization
      • Mutant screening
      • Protein-protein interactions
      • Expression analysis
      • Protein localization analysis
      • Protein structure analysis
      • Post-translational modification assays
      • Metabolomics
      • Herbicide screening
      • Biopharmaceuticals

AMSBIO offers ALiCE® under the provision that purchaser agrees to the Limited Use Label License 2018-09-09.1. Please contact us for more information.