Gold coated substrates on silver coated plates

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For use in electrochemistry, biosensors, cell culture and more

AMSBIO offers a range of gold and silver coated substrates including gold-coated glass slides, gold-coated coverslips, and gold-coated silicon wafers, for biological, chemical, electrical, and material science applications. All substrates are cleaned with oxygen plasma prior to coating and metal films are deposited using electron-beam evaporation for precise control of deposition.

Applications of Gold-coated Substrates

Cell Culture:                             Substrates are prepared in an electron beam evaporator that is solely dedicated to the deposition of gold films. This prevents the occurrence of impure metals contaminating the gold films, as is the case when multi-user equipment is used to coat gold substrates

Microarrays:                                   Substrates are prepared in an electron beam evaporator using titanium, not chromium, as the adhesion layer. This avoids the contamination that can occur when a thin layer of chromium is used to promote adhesion of the gold film to an underlying substrate (such as a glass microscope slide), since chromium readily dissolves and diffuses to the surface of the gold film (and can adversely modify the reactivity of the gold).

Surface Plasmon Resonance: Substrates are deposited using an electron beam evaporator, which permits precise control of gold deposition rates and thus the surface roughness. This ensures a high level of control over the thickness and nanometer-scale surface roughness of gold films, as is necessary in order to generate reproducible results with surface plasmon resonance.

Scanning Probe Microscopy: Substrates deposited on mica can be thermally annealed or transferred to epoxy resin (reverse mounting) to form atomically flat surfaces suitable for scanning probe microscopy.

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