DNA Methylation

Assay kits, enzymes, and substrates for DNA methylation studies

Methyltransferases are enzymes that transfer a methyl group from S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) to their substrates. DNA methyltransferases modify DNA by adding a methyl group to cytosines. DNA methylation of CpG dinucleotides suppresses gene expression and is critical for transcriptional silencing during imprinting, X-inactivation and other developmental processes. DNA methylation also plays a crucial role in the development of nearly all types of cancer.

DNA Methyltransferase Assay Kits

NamePacksize Order
DNMT Universal Chemiluminescent Assay Kit96 reactions View
DNMT3A Chemiluminescent Assay Kit96 reactions View
DNMT3B Chemiluminescent Assay Kit96 reactions View

DNA Methyltransferases

NamePacksize Order
DNMT1, GST-tag10 ug View
DNMT1, His-FLAG-tags20 ug View
DNMT2, GST-tag10 ug View
DNMT3A/DNMT3L Complex, His-tag, FLAG-tag10 ug View
DNMT3B/DNMT3L Complex, GST-tag, His-tag10 ug View
DNMT3B/DNMT3L Complex, His-tag, GST-tag10 ug View
DNMT3a, GST-tag10 ug View
Mouse DNMT3B, His-tag, FLAG-tag10 ug View


NamePacksize Order
400 uM S-Adenosylmethionine250 ul View