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AMSBIO supplies a comprehensive range of tissues available in frozen and paraffin embedded (FFPE) formats from a large representation of human diseases and tumor types, plus pathologically normal human tissue samples. We also have a large collection of animal tissue samples available.

Our services allow for the immediate study of molecules of interest in a range of tissue types. Each of our tissue samples are carefully processed and delivered only after they have been quality verified and certified by a board-licensed pathologist. Thus, we make sure the tissues in your lab are of the highest quality.

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Tissue Type


Frozen Tissue Blocks

A wide range of normal and diseased human tissues as OCT frozen tissue blocks. Multiple donor cases are available in our biorepository.

Frozen Tissue

Normal and diseased human tissues snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen after being excised

Frozen Tissue Arrays

A wide range of tissue arrays made from high quality tissues immediately snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen after being excised. FDA standard frozen tissue arrays availabl...

Frozen Tissue Sections

High quality snap-frozen tissues, sectioned and mounted on IHC slides. Normal and diseased tissue of various mammalian species available

Frozen Tissue Section Panels

Select a panel of frozen tissue sections from a broad range of tissue types

FFPE Tissue Blocks

A range of paraffin embedded tissue blocks from normal, tumor and diseased tissues

FFPE Tissue Arrays

Paraffin embedded tissue arrays produced from high quality tissues and delivered ready to use. Ideal for rapid cellular localization of RNA and protein expression

FFPE Tissue Sections

Paraffin embedded tissue sections which include human adult normal tissues, human diseased and tumor tissues, as well as numerous additional species including mouse, r...

FFPE Tissue Section Panels

Paraffin embedded tissue section panels offer an affordable option to select a panel of sections from a broad range of tissue types

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Custom Services

Can’t find what you need? We offer a wide range of custom services. Simply contact us outlining your specific requirements (eg. donor criteria, number of samples). We can:

  • Match this information against tissue samples we currently have available in our biorepository that most closely match your requirements
  • Match your exact order using our custom collection services affiliated with a wide, well-established clinical network.

Our tissues come from donors of different ethnicities.

All tissue specimens are collected under ethical regulations and in accordance with all applicable (local and international) laws. All clinical materials are obtained following official protocols, with appropriate Institutional Review Board/Independent Ethics Committee (IRB/IEC) approval. All donations are made under a voluntarily signed Informed Consent form. All specimens are delivered de-identified and de-linked from the original clinical records.