Magnetic beads for protein purification

Magnetic Beads for Protein Purification

Magnetic silica beads for your proteomics and protein research

Magnetic beads are a powerful tool used in many aspects of proteomics research and offer an economical, safe and easy-to-use alternative to commonly used pipette or column-based methods of purification.

AMSBIO offers a range of superior magnetic products for use in protein purification. High quality coating of magnetic silica beads with Steptavidin, Protein A, Protein G or other ligand specific molecules allows for the isolation of specific target proteins out of a large volume or complex matrix. Magnetic beads with C4, C8 and C18 -alkyl groups are an ideal tool for the purification, concentration and desalting of peptides and protein digests. Magnetic beads with a weak cation or anion exchange surface are ideal for the reduction of protein or peptide complexity.

Applications of Magnetic Beads in Proteomics

  • Desalting of proteins, peptides and proteolytic digests prior to mass spectrometry
  • Concentration of low concentrated proteins or peptides
  • Fractionation of a complex peptide or protein mixture

Custom Magnetic Beads

Can’t find what you need? AMSBIO offers a custom Magnetic Beads service to provide you with the best possible tools for your specific research project. Please visit our custom Magnetic Beads services page for more information or contact us for any inquiries