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Analyze cellular processes with ease

AMSBIO offers an extensive range of ready-to-use kits that provide simple protocols for analyzing cellular processes by precise, highly reproducible methods.

Our cutting edge kits utilize unique technologies to study a wide range of areas including apoptosis, DNA damage, oxidative stress, angiogenesis, enzyme activity and cell migration.


Protein Kits

A selection of kits for the extraction, purification, quantification, and analysis of mammalian, plant and animal proteins 

Apoptosis Kits

A range of kits designed to measure cellular processes and enzyme activities to detect and quantify apoptosis in mammalian cells and tissues


Ready-to-use ELISA kits to detect and quantify proteins, peptides, hormones and antibodies

Cell Migration/Invasion Kits

Ready-to-use cell migration and cell invasion assay kits for the analysis of responses to chemokines, toxins, drugs and other analytes of interest

Enzyme Activity Assays

Large selection of assays for measuring enzyme activity

Cell Proliferation and Viability Kits

Our kits provide rapid, versatile and accurate methods for quantifying cell viability in standard culture conditions

Stem Cell Kits

A range of complete stem cell kits for the culture of human and mouse pluripotent stem cells and adult stem cells

Cell Culture Kits

Ready-to-use cell culture kits for use in cell proliferation assays, transfection, cell staining and harvesting 

Metabolism Kits

Cellular metabolism assay kits to provide a simple way to measure metabolic activity in cells 

Conjugation Kits

A range of kits that allow for the easy attachment of a desired label onto your primary antibody or protein

Other Kits

A wide range of kits, such as screening kits, binding assay kits and many more

Cell Migration

A wide range of kits, such as screening kits, binding assay kits and many more

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