Proteins & Peptides

A comprehensive source of human proteins, lysates and peptides

Proteins are a vital component of all living organisms and participate in almost every cellular process. Elucidating the functions of proteins is crucial to understanding the complexities of these fundamental processes.

AMSBIO offers an extensive range of high quality human and animal protein products to support your proteomics research. From recombinant proteins, over-expression and knockout lysates and purified natural proteins to peptides and blocking peptides, we have the products you need to accelerate your proteomics research and gain reproducible, reliable results.


Recombinant Proteins

High quality recombinant proteins expressed in E.coli and insect cells and a range of purified full length human proteins expressed in HEK293 cells

Over-expression Lysates

A range of full length human proteins in the form of over-expression lysates- ideal assay standards 

Knockout Lysates

A range of gene knockout cell lysates developed using CRISPR and derived from commonly used cell lines 

Mass Spec Standards

High quality heavy-labeled Mass Spectrometry standards for protein quantification, protein identification and biomarker discovery

Cell Line Lysates

High quality and purity range of cell line lysates from mammalian and plant species

Purified Natural Proteins

Purified ready-to-use native proteins, extracted from a variety of animal sources 

Peptides and Blocking Peptides

A selection of ready-to-use peptides and specific antibody blocking peptides

Magnetic Beads for Protein Applications

Magnetic silica beads for the purification of proteins from complex mixtures and the purification, concentration and desalting of peptides and protein digests

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