3D Cell Culture & Extracellular Matrices Products from AMS Bio

3D Cell Culture & Extracellular Matrices

Physiologically relevant cell culture

Cells that form tissues and organs are situated within a complex 3D structure known as the extracellular matrix (ECM). Despite this, a high proportion of the current research being undertaken on these cells utilizes 2D cultures. The shape, size, and functionality of a cell is mostly affected by the physical environment in which it is grown, therefore 3D cell cultures have proven to provide a more adequate model of in vivo physiological conditions.

AMSBIO provides a wide range of unique 3D cell culturing products including natural ECM, recombinant ECM, scaffolds, hydrogels and  spheroid formation solutions.


Natural ECM

A range of natural ECM membrane extracts, proteins and assays for close representation of in vivo environment

Recombinant ECM

Mussel Adhesive Protein based matrix (MAPTrixTM) acts as a biomimetic and mimics traditional ECM


A selection of readily adaptable synthetic scaffolds for routine 3D cell culture 

Low Adhesion

Low attachment plates minimizing cell attachment and spreading, encouraging spheroid formation

Custom 3D Cell Culture

Can’t find what you need? AMSBIO offers a 3D custom service to suit all of your 3D cell culture needs. We can:

  • Offer a full consultation service to allow you to start working in 3D
  • Help design and perform the most physiologically relevant experiments using state-of-the-art technology
  • Assist in deciding what are the best assay end-points, which will help to gather important information resulting in scientific or clinical solutions of your research questions

Please visit our custom service page for more information or contact us with any inquiries regarding our 3D cell culture products