ECM Hydrogels

Hydrogel matrix products for organoid, spheroid, pluripotent stem cell culture and pdx models.

Natural ECM

A range of natural ECM membrane extracts, proteins and assays for close representation of in vivo environment

Recombinant ECM

Mussel Adhesive Protein based matrix (MAPTrix™) biomimetics that mimics traditional ECM. AOF vitronectin and fibronectin for cell culture.

Low Adhesion

Low attachment surfaces minimizing cell attachment and spreading, encouraging spheroid formation.

Synthetic Scaffolds

A selection of readily adaptable synthetic scaffolds for routine 3D cell culture.

Collagen-Based Scaffolds

Collagen fiber scaffolds that replicate the properties of natural collagen fibers for 3D cell culture and bioprinting.

Tools for Better Organoid Culture

New: Hydrogels

Extragel Matrix

Extragel is a reconstituted matrix hydrogel formed by basement membrane components. It is mainly composed of laminin, collagen IV, and heparan sulfate proteoglycans as well as various growth factors such as EGF, PDGF, NGF, FGF-2, TGF-β) and IGF.

    • Like-for-like replacement for Matrigel, Geltrex, and Cultrex™ BME
    • Available immediately with overnight shipping
    • Effective growth matrix for organoid, PSCs, and advanced 3D cell culture applications.
    • High lot-to-lot consistency
    • Suitable for PDX/Xenograft transplantation

MatriMix Hydrogel

The MatriMix series is a 3D culture substrate product with fully defined components containing medical grade collagens, laminin-511 E8 fragments, and hyaluronic acid. If you are not satisfied with existing scaffolds, Matrimix is your solution.

    • Fully defined hydrogel
    • Suitable for 3D Cell Culture
    • Suitable for Xenograft transplantation
    • High lot-to-lot consistency
    • Adjustable ECM components
    • Regulatory friendly