Huge collection of tyrosine kinases, lipid kinases & serine/threonine kinases

Protein phosphorylation is a key aspect in the regulation of a large number of cellular processes including cellular division, metabolism, signal transduction, and many more. There are over 500 kinases encoded by the human genome and it has been estimated that kinases regulate approximately 50% of cellular functions. Kinase is the name given to an enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of a phosphate group from ATP to another molecule. Kinases can be broadly separated by their substrate into protein and lipid kinases with the protein kinases being further classified based on their cellular location and the specific amino acid(s) they phosphorylate.

Cytoplasmic Tyrosine Kinases

Three major classes of non-receptor (cytoplasmic) tyrosine kinases have been identified: Src, Abl and Jak. Many of the non-receptor tyrosine kinases are involved in the mediation of immune and inflammatory responses, and misregulation of these enzymes has been linked to multiple human cancers.

NamePacksize Order
ACK1, GST-tag10 ug View
BMX, GST-tag10 ug View
BRK, GST-tag10 ug View
BTK, GST-tag10 ug View
CSK, GST-tag10 ug View
FAK, GST-tag10 ug View
FES, His-FLAG-tag10 ug View
FYN, FLAG-tag10 ug View
Jak1, GST-tag10 ug View
Jak2 (JH1 domain), His-tag20 ug View
Jak2 (JH1, JH2 domain), His-GST-tags20 ug View
Jak3, His-tag20 ug View
LCK, GST-tag10 ug View
Mouse ITK, GST-tag10 ug View
PYK2, His-tag10 ug View
Rat ITK, GST-tag10 ug View
SRC, GST-tag10 ug View
SRC, His-tag10 ug View
SYK, Catalytic, GST-tag10 ug View
SYK, Full length, GST-tag10 ug View
Tyk2, His-tag10 ug View
Yes1, GST-tag10 ug View
ZAP70, GST-tag10 ug View

Lipid Kinases

Lipid kinases are one of the most promising new classes of potential drug targets. PI-3 and sphingosine kinases regulate a wide variety of cellular functions, including cell growth, proliferation, differentiation, intracellular trafficking, motility, and survival. As a result, defects in lipid kinase function lead to multiple disease states, including several forms of cancer and diabetes.

NamePacksize Order
ALK , GST-tag10 ug View
AXL, FLAG-Tag10 ug View
Abl Kinase Mutant (T315I), His-tag10 ug View
Abl Kinase, His-tag10 ug View
Axl, GST-tag10 ug View
CSF1R, GST-tag10 ug View
CSF1R, untagged (FMS, CD115)10 ug View
DDR1, GST-tag10 ug View
EGFR (L858R), GST-tag10 ug View
EGFR (T790M), GST-tag10 ug View
EGFR (T790M, C797S, L858R), GST-tag10 ug View
EGFR (T790M, L858R), GST-tag10 ug View
EGFR, GST-tag10 ug View
EPHA2, His-tag10 ug View
EPHA4, GST-tag10 ug View
EPHB2, His-tag10 ug View
EPHB4, His-tag10 ug View
FGFR2, GST-tag10 ug View
FGFR3 (L496V), His-Tag10 ug View
FGFR3 (V443L), His-Tag10 ug View
FGFR3 (V443M), His-Tag10 ug View
FGFR4, GST-tag10 ug View
Flt1, His-tag10 ug View
Flt3, His-tag10 ug View
HER2, GST-tag10 ug View
HER4, GST-tag10 ug View
Insulin receptor (INSR), GST-tag10 ug View
JAK2-His-Avi-Tag, Biotin-Labeled10 ug View
Jak2 (JH1, JH2 domain), GST-Tag, Avi-Tag, Biotin10 ug View
Jak2 (JH2 Domain) (E596A, V617F, W659A, W777A, F794H), His-Tag20 ug View
Jak2 (JH2 Domain) (V617F, W659A, W777A, F794H), His-Tag20 ug View
Jak2 (JH2 Domain) (W659A, W777A,F794H), His-Tag20 ug View
Jak2 (V617F), FLAG-Avi-Tag, Biotin-Labeled10 ug View
Jak2 (V617F), GST-Tag, Avi-Tag, Biotin-Labeled10 ug View
Jak2 (V617F), His-Avi-Tag, Biotin-Labeled10 ug View
Jak2 (W659A, W777A, F794H), His-Avi-Tag, Biotin10 ug View
Jak2, FLAG-Avi-Tag, Biotin-Labeled10 ug View
MUSK, His-tag10 ug View
Mouse EGFR, FLAG-tag10 ug View
PDGFRalpha (D842V), GST-Tag10 ug View
PDGFRalpha (D842Y), GST-Tag10 ug View
PDGFRbeta, His-tag10 ug View
ROR1, Fc-Fusion (IgG1), Avi-Tag, Biotin-Labeled50 ug View
ROR2, Fc-Fusion (IgG1), Avi-Tag HiP™100 ug View
ROR2, Fc-Fusion (IgG1), Avi-Tag, Biotin-Labeled HiP™50 ug View
ROS1, GST-tag10 ug View
Ret, GST-tag10 ug View
TNK1, GST-Th-Tag100 ug View
TRKA, GST-tag10 ug View
TRKB, GST-tag10 ug View
TRKC, GST-tag10 ug View
TYRO3, GST-tag10 ug View
Tie2, GST-tag10 ug View
Tie2, His-tag10 ug View
VEGFR2 (KDR), GST-tag10 ug View
VEGFR2 / NFAT Reporter - HEK293 Recombinant Cell Line2 vials View
VEGFR3 (Flt4), GST-tag10 ug View
c-Mer, GST-tag10 ug View
cKit (D816V), His-tag10 ug View
cKit (V560G), His-tag10 ug View
cKit (V654A), His-tag10 ug View
cKit, His-tag10 ug View
cMet, GST-tag10 ug View

Serine/Threonine Kinases

Serine/threonine protein kinases phosphorylate the OH group of specific serine or threonine residues. Over 125 different human serine/threonine kinases have been identified. The proteins are involved in the regulation of nearly every cell signaling pathway, including gene expression, growth, proliferation, differentiation, adhesion, motility, and death.

NamePacksize Order
CERK, FLAG-Tag (Mouse)10 ug View
CERK, FLAG-Tag (Rat)10 ug View
Ceramide Kinase, FLAG-tag10 ug View
IP6K2, Biotin-labeled, His-tag, Avi-tag10 ug View
IP6K2, FLAG-His-tags20 ug View
Mouse Sphingosine kinase 1a, His-tag10 ug View
Mouse Sphingosine kinase 2, His-tag10 ug View
PI3 kinase (p110alpha/p85alpha), FLAG-tag20 ug View
PI3 kinase (p110alpha/p85alpha), GST-tag20 ug View
PI3 kinase (p110beta/p85alpha), FLAG-tag20 ug View
PI3 kinase (p110delta/p85alpha), GST-tag20 ug View
PI3 kinase (p110gamma/PIK3R5) complex, His-tag, GST-tag20 ug View
PI3 kinase (p120gamma), His-tag20 ug View
PI3 kinase [p110alpha(E545K)/p85alpha], FLAG-tag20 ug View
PI3 kinase [p110alpha(H1047R)/p85alpha], FLAG-tag20 ug View
Sphingosine kinase 1, His-tag20 ug View
Sphingosine kinase 2 (long), His-tag10 ug View
Sphingosine kinase 2, His-tag20 ug View
VPS34, FLAG-tag20 ug View
p110?(K111N)/p85?, FLAG-tag20 ug View
p85alpha, His-tag100 ug View