MagSi-NA Pathogens Kit

Magnetic-bead based total nucleic acid extraction for pathogen detection (suited for Covid-19)

The MagSi-NA Pathogens Kit enables easy extraction of DNA and RNA from serum, plasma, oropharyngeal swab/nasopharyngeal swab, and any other respiratory samples for pathogen detection. Due to the kit’s simple protocol and ready-to-use agents, it is easy to scale to small, medium, and high-throughput automation, as well as using small elution samples. The MagSi-NA Pathogens Kit utilizes magnetic beads to ensure a consistently high yield of DNA and RNA and is suitable for use with various enzymatic downstream applications, including qPCR and qRT-PCR isothermal amplification.

Additional MagSi Pathogens Kits Available


  • Consistently high yield of total nucleic acids
  • Fast magnetic separation, even with viscous sample lysates
  • <30 min preparation time for 96 samples
  • Easy to automate
  • For use with a range of enzymatic down-stream applications, includin qPCR and qRT-PCR isothermal amplification
  • Suitable for SARS-CoV-2 purification (view all COVID-19 research tools here)

Easy to Automate

  • Suitable for small, medium and high-throughput automation
  • Minimal accessories required
  • Compatible with liquid handling robots (e.g. Hamilton®, TECAN®)
  • Protocols and consumables available for KingFisher™/Biosprint
  • Software files available for Kingfisher™ 96, Flex, Biosprint and MagMax systems
  • Magnetic separators for microtubes and microplates available

Application Data

MS2-RNA Recovery

lambda DNA Recovery

NameDatasheetPacksize Order
MagSi-NA Pathogens10 x 96 preps View
MagSi-NA Pathogens96 preps View

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Up to 6 times 96 samples are added to the wells of up to 6 deepwell plates. First, all samples are lysed under denaturing conditions by addition of lysis buffer including proteinase K and Poly-A-RNA. Magnetic MSP beads and binding buffer are then added to every sample

During the isolation procedure the magnetic MSP beads will bind the nucleic acids from all (up to 6) samples by transferring them in a serial manner to the next sample plate, until all (up to 6) samples have been incubated with magnetic MSP beads. 

After this, the magnetic MSP beads are washed in 3 deepwell plates containing alcoholic buffers. Finally, the nucleic acids are collected from the sample plates and released into an elution plate using a low-salt elution buffer.  

They can then be directly used for downstream applications 

Product Information Table

NamePacksize Order
MagSi-NA Pathogens MSPUp to 6.000 samples View

Application Data

MSP RNA-binding Efficiency

Ct Comparison With and Without MSP

Fig.1 Four concentrations of MS2 RNA were spiked at different positions in sample plates 1, 4 and 6 and used for the extraction protocol. qPCR results generated with the eluted RNA samples demonstrate  that there is no significant difference in RNA recovery between the binding steps of MagSi-NA Pathogens MSP, and compared to the standard MagSi-NA Pathogens procedures without pooling.

Fig 2. Ct values obtained by RT-qPCR from a COVID-19 positive saliva sample after RNA extraction without pooling and with MSP. The same sample was added to the first and last sample plates to evaluate sensitivity. No difference could be determined.

rQ MagSi-NA Pathogens

Total nucleic acid extraction for pathogen detection, automation-ready

rQ MagSi-NA Pathogens is an automation-ready-to-use kit for pathogen DNA and RNA extraction from a variety of sample materials like serum, plasma, oropharyngeal/nasopharyngeal swabs, or any other respiratory samples. It is based on the proven, market-leading MagSi-NA Pathogens kit. Components are delivered pre-filled in deepwell plates to be directly used in PurePrep 96, 32, 16 or KingFisher automated, nucleic acid purification systems. 


  • Conveniently pre-filled in plate formats 
  • Minimal hands-on time; Less errors 
  • More consistent and reproducible results 
  • Consistently high yield of viral RNA 
  • Very strong magnetic beads enable fast magnetic separation even from viscous sample lysates 
  • Suitable for many enzymatic down-stream applications in particular RT-qPCR and sequencing 
  • Preparation time for 96 samples is about 20 min 
  • Ready-to-use on PurePrep 96, PurePrep 32/16 or KingFisher automated nucleic acid purification systems 
  • Based on the proven, market-leading MagSi-NA Pathogens kit 

Product Information Table

NamePacksize Order
rQ MagSi-NA Pathogens (10x96 preps)10 x 96 preps View
rQ MagSi-NA Pathogens (1x96 preps) (Sample kit)1x96 preps View
rQ MagSi-NA Pathogens (2x16 preps) (Sample kit)2x16 preps View
rQ MagSi-NA Pathogens (50x96 preps)50x96 preps View
rQ MagSi-NA Pathogens (6x16 preps)6x16 preps View