MagSi Magnetic Beads for Protein Applications

Achieve efficient biomagnetic separation

Magnetic beads coupled to specific ligands are a powerful tool used in a variety of research applications. Different compositions and sizes of the beads makes each one uniquely suited for a specific purpose.

AMSBIO supplies an extensive range of magnetic bead products for protein applications including sample preparation for protein and peptide analysis and beads for immunoprecipitation and IgG purification.

MagSi Proteomics

MagSi-proteomics beads are magnetic silica beads coated with C4, C8 or C18 alkyl groups, providing a reversed phase (RP) surface chemistry. These beads are an ideal tool for protein and peptide sample concentration, desalting and fractionation, and reduce sample complexity. The different versions of MagSi-proteomics beads vary in hydrophobicity making them ideally suited for unique applications:


Relatively low hydrophobicity allows for the purification and fractionation of larger biomolecules such as proteins


Intermediate hydrophobicity, suitable for sample preparation of peptides and small proteins for proteomic profiling and biomarker research


Ideal for the purification, concentration and desalting of low molecular weight peptides and protein digests

NameDatasheetPacksize Order
MagSi-proteomics C1810 ml View
MagSi-proteomics C18-100 ml View
MagSi-proteomics C182 ml View
MagSi-proteomics C410 ml View
MagSi-proteomics C4-100 ml View
MagSi-proteomics C42 ml View
MagSi-proteomics C810 ml View
MagSi-proteomics C8-100 ml View
MagSi-proteomics C82 ml View

MagSi-WCX and MagSi-WAX

Magnetic silica particles with weak cation exchange surface (WCX) or anion exchange surface (WAX) are ideal for the reduction of protein or peptide complexity. Applications include sample preparation and pre-fractionation prior to mass spectrometry or SDS-PAGE analysis, biomarker analysis and serum/plasma profiling.

NameDatasheetPacksize Order
MagSi-WAX10 ml View
MagSi-WAX-100 ml View
MagSi-WAX2 ml View
MagSi-WCX10 ml View
MagSi-WCX-100 ml View
MagSi-WCX2 ml View

MagSi-protein A/protein G

Magnetic silica particles with high quality recombinant Protein A or Protein G covalently bound to the particle surface.

Immunoprecipitation & IgG Purification

Protein A and Protein G bind to Fc regions of immunoglobulins. After binding to Protein A or G-coated magnetic beads, immobilized immunoglobulins can be used for immunoprecipitation of various biomolecules, or can be eluted in a native or denatured state. The magnetic particles with a mean size of 600 nm or 1.0 µm are best used for IgG purification and immunoprecipitation. The particles with a mean size of 3.0 µm are especially suitable for cell capture applications.