Magnetic bead-based sample preparation kits for LC-MS/HPLC

MagSiMUS magnetic bead-based biological sample preparation kits are intended for protein depletion and removal of other interfering compounds from biological samples such as whole blood, serum, plasma or urine. They work according to the unique and innovative negative selection technology, which removes the contaminants and leaves the target molecules in the supernatant.

MagSiMUS technology uses flexible protocols, does not require centrifugation and is easy to automate for medium and high-throughput processing.


Designed for the cleanup of biological samples prior to LC-MS/MS or (U)HPLC analysis of eg. benzodiazepines, metabolites, vitamins, drugs of abuse (amphetamines, cannabinoids, barbiturates, morphines), antidepressants and many other abusive drugs or substances.

Available in two versions with different magnetic bead types: Type I and Type II. Each magnetic bead mix type is optimized for the recovery of the analyte of interest. The sample preparation method is the same for both bead mix types. Organic Precipitation Reagents (OPR I or OPR VI) for the selected method should be ordered separately, as well as Lysis Buffer for the whole blood protocol.