MagSi Magnetic Beads for Immunoassays


Magnetic immunoassays (MIA) use magnetic beads as detection labels instead of conventional, fluorophores, or luminescent molecules. Magnetic readers detect the presence of magnetic beads and measure the induced magnetic field; the signal measured is proportional to the analyte.

AMSBIO supplies a range of products for use as detection labels in magnetic immunoassays or as a solid support phase in immunoassays: MagSi-STA and MagSIGNAL.


MagSIGNAL are superparamagnetic beads with a mean diameter of 300nm and are suitable for magnetic immunoassays in a variety of formats such as conventional lateral flow tests, microfluidic applications and biochips.


Superparamagnetic particles of 300 nm with a carboxyl modified surface. Intended for immobilization of antibodies or proteins with carbodiimide coupling chemistry with NH2-containing molecules, and use as a detection label in magnetic immunoassays or as solid support phase in immunoassays with other readout techniques.

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