iMatrix-511 Recombinant Laminin E8 Fragments

Highly Efficient ES/iPS Cell Culture

iMatrix-511 is an innovative cell culture matrix compatible with a wide variety of cell types, and exceptionally well suited for pluripotent stem cells. This product is comprised of recombinant Laminin-511 E8 protein fragments which permit ES/iPS cells to be maintained in feeder-free culture conditions, enables the passaging of single cells, and provides greater adhesion than full-length Laminin, Vitronectin or Matrigel.

  • Ideal for feeder-free cell culture
  • Provides superior adhesion of human ES and iPS cells
  • Enables the passaging of single cells
  • Compatible across a wide variety of cell types
  • Makes it easy to achieve extended cultures of hES/hiPS cells
  • Enables efficient bulk production

Culture More ES & iPS Cells

Figure 1 results show that the number of cells multiplied by 200 or more with the use of Laminin-511 E8 fragment in comparison with the conventional method (colony method).

Superior Binding Activity

The Binding activity of Laminin 511 E8 Fragment against ES cell was better than Full length 511 and traditional substrate. The same function was confirmed in human iPS cells.

iMatrix-511 Silk

iMatrix-511 Silk is human recombinant Laminin-511 E8 with the same functions and performance as those of iMatrix-511, the only difference being is that it is expressed in transgenic silkworm cocoon rather than CHO-S cells. The highly productive transgenic silkworms make recombinant laminin fragment at a competitive price.

iMatrix-511 FAQs

What format(s) are the iMatrixTM products sold in?
  • Currently, it is sold only in liquid form. One tube contains 175 ug of cell culture substrate (laminin 511-E8 fragment) at a concentration of 0.5 mg / mL.
  • The lyophilized version of iMatrixTM-511 has been discontinued by the manufacturer as of March 2015.
What is the product storage temperature and expiration date?
  • The storage temperature of the product is refrigerated at 2-8 ° C
  • Please refer to the table below for product expiration date.
Expiration date Applicable products
2 years from date of production iMatrixTM-511, iMatrixTM-511 silk, iMatrixTM-511MG, iMatrixTM-411, iMatrixTM-221
1 year and 6 months from date of production Easy iMatrixTM-511, Easy iMatrixTM-511 silk
6 months from date of production Quick iMatrixTM-511, Quick iMatrixTM-511 silk

[ The specific expiration date is printed on the product box. ]

Is it possible to store iMatrixTM frozen? (-80 °C)
  • No. It can not be stored frozen.
What is the purity of the iMatrixTM products?
  • Purity is over 95%. Please refer to the lot specific data sheet for more information.
What is the recommended medium for culturing hES/hiPS cells when using iMatrixTM products?
  • Miyazaki et al. Nature communications3(1236), 1-10, 2012, and Scientific Reports7, 41165, 2017.
  • The following are used.
    ・mTeSR1,TeSR2,TeSR-E8 (STEMCELL Technologies)
    ・StemProhESCSFM (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
    ・StemFitAK03 (Ajinomoto)
  • Nakagawa et al. Scientific Reports4(3594), 1-7, 2014.
    The following are used.
    ・StemFit (Ajinomoto)
  • The publication stated that all media showed good results.
What is the optimal coating concentration for iPS cell culture?
  • The optimal coating concentration depends on the cell line and must be determined by the end user. We recommend first trying iMatrixTM at 0.5 ug / cm2 and consider the optimal concentration to be between 0.1 and 1.5 ug / cm2.
  • In addition, there is also a new method for plating, the Pre-mix method:
    Miyazaki et al. Scientific Reports7, 41165, 2017.
Is there a culture protocol for iPS cells using iMatrixTM-511?
  • Please refer to the link below for the expansion culture protocol of ES / iPS cells using iMatrixTM-511 and the movie of passage operation.

(Expansion culture protocol)
(Movie of passage operation)

Is Rock Inhibitor (Y-27632) necessary for culturing iPS cells?
  • Nakagawa et al. Scientific Reports4(3594), 2014.
  • Use Rock Inhibitor at cell passage. However, it is not used during medium exchange.
Can iPS cell passage be handled with a single cell?
What is used to detached the cells?
Can this product be used for mouse iPS cells?
  • Currently, there is no data to support culture of mouse iPS cells using iMatrixTM-511.
What is the difference between iMatrixTM-511 and Matrigel?
  • Matrigel contains laminin-111 from mouse EHS sarcoma. It also contains molecules other than laminin.
  • iMatrixTM-511 is a recombinant protein purified from laminin 511-E8 fragment expressed in CHO-S cells with high purity.
  • iMatrixTM-511 silk is a recombinant protein in which the laminin 511-E8 fragment is highly purified by silkworm-produced cocoons.
  • Human ES cells and iPS cells are known to adhere to laminin-511 through cell membrane receptors (especially a6b1 integrin).
  • Human ES cells and iPS cells are known to exhibit high adhesion activity to laminin-511.
    This makes it possible to pass iPS cells into single cells and pass them with iMatrixTM-511 / iMatrixTM-511 silk.
  • In Miyazaki et al. (Nature communications, 3 (1236), 1-10, 2012), the expansion efficiency of the number of cells after 5 passages (after 30 days) is about 200 times higher than that of Matrigel.