cDNA clones & ORFs from AMS Bio's cDNA library

Full-length cDNA Clones

Extensive range of ORF & cDNA clones from cDNA libraries

Creating cDNA clones is a time-consuming process involving synthesis, cloning and validation from the relevant biological material. This is why AMSBIO offers a range of full length ORF and cDNA clones including 3' UTR cDNA clones, meaning that you can dedicate your time to answering important questions through your research. We offer over 33,000 human, 25,000 mouse and 15,000 rat full-length cDNA clones, derived from cDNA libraries, which are ideal for the over-expression of native proteins for functional studies.


Full Length cDNA Clones

Provided as transfection-ready plasmids and driven by CMV promoters our clones produce authentic transcripts without PCR artifacts.

ORF Lentiviral Particles

Ready to use 3rd generation lentiviral particles expressing your gene of interest with genome wide coverage

ORF Adenoviral Particles

Adenoviral vectors and adenoviral particles expressing your gene of interest

ORF Lentivirus Expression Plasmids

Genome wide ORF coverage for human, mouse and rat in lentiviral vectors with tags

3' UTR cDNA clones

A range of clones used for miRNA target validation

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