NASBA Kits & Reagents

Easily amplify and detect RNA with our NASBA kits

Reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) is currently one of the most commonly used techniques for performing RNA detection, although it suffers from false positives due to cross-contamination whilst being a time consuming process. A more convenient technique for RNA detection is Nucleic Acid Sequence Based Amplification (NASBA), which is a one-step isothermal process for amplifying RNA. NASBA has demonstrated success in the detection of viral (including SARS-CoV-2) and bacterial RNA from clinical samples.

Each NASBA reaction contains avian myeloblastosis virus-reverse transcriptase (AMV-RT), T7 RNA polymerase and RNase H with reaction buffer. Due to NASBA being an isothermal process, denaturation of dsDNA does not occur and ssRNA can be amplified. Therefore, false negatives for the NASBA reaction are prevented that would otherwise be caused by genomic dsDNA in other techniques like RT-PCR.


We offer a range of NASBA kits for RNA detection, which are designed as single product solutions for any NASBA related research and development. The components of the kit are available either in liquid form or lyophilized form to allow shipping and storage at standard room temperature.

NamePacksize Order
3X NASBA Reaction Buffer for NEC-1-2424 reactions View
6X Nucleotide Mix for NEC-1-2424 reactions View
Diluent for LEM-1065uL View
Lyophilized Reaction Buffer10 reactions View
NASBA Enzyme Cocktail (wet mix)24 reactions View
NASBA Lyophilized Kit (10 reactions)10 reactions View
NASBA Wet Kit24 reactions View


We also provide AMV-RT as a standalone product for purchase, available in glycerol storage buffer in addition to Trehalose storage buffer (suitable for lyophilization):

NamePacksize Order
10X Reaction Buffer for AMV RT1.0 mL per 1.000 U of RT View
AMV Reverse Transcriptase in Trehalose1.000 U View
AMV Reverse Transcriptase in Trehalose5.000 U View
AMV-RT High Spec Activity5.000 U View
AMV-RT High Spec Activity500 U View
AMV-RT High Spec ActivityBulk View
AMV-RT High Spec Activity BulkBulk View