R-spondin1 (RSPO1)

For effective organoid culture

RSPO1 is the critical ingredient used in the maintenance and proliferation of mouse and human organoid progenitor stem cells. To date, positive results have been reported with stem cells of gastric, colonic, intestinal, pancreatic and liver lineage by thought leaders in the industry such as Dr. Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute) and Dr. Calvin Kuo (Stanford University). These cells can be passaged indefinitely and can produce unlimited amount of RSPO1 protein, allowing laboratories conducting research with organoids to save time and money.

NameDatasheetPacksize Order
Human R-Spondin 1 / RSPO1 Protein, His Tag1 mg View
Human R-Spondin 1 / RSPO1 Protein, His Tag50 ug View

*Featured Page Image - Differentiation of Organoids into Hepatocytes on ECM from AMSBIO using RSPO1 from same cell line as from AMSBIO. Image courtesy of Dr. Meritxell Huch (MPI-CBG, Dresden, Germany)