MAPTrix HyGel™ - 3D Hydrogel cell culture

Innovative & versatile 3D cell culture tool

MAPTrix HyGelTM is a recombinant mussel adhesive protein based, semi-synthetic 3D extracellular matrix that is tailored to mimic specific ECM properties. The MAPTrix HyGelTM hydrogel products are composed of two components: MAPTrixTM ECM, a mussel adhesive protein based extracellular matrix (ECM) mimetic and, MAPTrixTM Link, a multi-arm polyethylene glycol derivative. These fragments together form the 3D hydrogel as shown below.


  • Free of animal derived components
  • All components of MAPTrix HyGelTM are relatively stable
  • Readily able to engineer the elasticity and/or pore size of the hydrogel by adjusting the concentration of MAPTrixTM ECM or MAPTrixTM Linker
  • Simply mixing each component can form a hydrogel within two hours, under physiological conditions
  • All components are soluble in most buffer solutions
  • No cytotoxicity or biocompatibility problems
  • Easy to embody a mimetic microenvironment for combinatorial signaling


  • Ready to use formula to create biochemically-defined hydrogel in situ
  • Easy to use, stable under refrigerator conditions for 6 months: no freezing required
  • High batch-to-batch reproducibility between samples and vials
  • Fully compatible with existing cell culture protocols


  • 3D cell culture for primary or stem cells including HUVEC
  • 3D coating for a variety of substrates such as tissue engineering scaffolds

The MAPTrix HyGel ™ matrix can be modularly engineered for designed biochemical characteristics by use of either a single MAPTrix ™ ECM product or a combination of MAPTrix™ ECM products.