Room Temperature RNA Stabilization in Tissue

Protects your RNA from degradation with no need to keep it frozen

RNAdvantage is a non-toxic RNA stabilization solution that allows for relaxed sample handling and analysis.

• Protects and stabilizes RNA for 14 days

• Subsequent RNA suitable for RNAseq

• No rush for immediate downstream processing

Reliable samples for RNAseq

RIN values when using RNAdvantage meet or exceed the required levels for core sequencing facilities, even when tissue samples are stored for 14 days at room temperature. This ensures excellent sequencing results due to the robust stabilization provided by RNAdvantage. All of this, while reducing shipping and storage costs.

RNAdvantage fits into AMSBIO's suite of RNA protection products:

  • RNAdvantage - protects RNA in tissue samples at room temperature
  • RNAssure -  protects RNA during the eluting phase of purification
  • RNArchive -  protects RNA for safe shipping and storage at room temperature
What is the composition of RNAdvantage?
  • The composition of RNAdvantage is proprietary but can be considered similar to that of Thermo Fisher's RNAlater
Can I use the tissue in RNAdvantage be used directly for RNA extraction?
  • Yes, the tissue is simply removed from the solution,
    blotted to remove any excess solution and can be used
    directly following the instructions for the RNA purification
What do I do if my tissue sample floats in RNAdvantage?
  • A The density of the RNAdvantage solution may be higher
    than the tissue sample causing it to float. Gently invert the
    tube till the RNAdvantage can permeate the tissue sample
    sufficiently to allow the sample to sink into the solution.