Molecular Biology Grade Trehalose

High purity, well characterized trehalose in powder or solution

Trehalose is a naturally occurring non-reducing disaccharide that first gained attention for its presence in a number of organisms that can survive extended periods of inanimation. The unique characteristics of trehalose have since lead to its use in a wide array of applications in fields from molecular biology, to pharmacology, to food.

Particularly significant is the stabilizing effect trehalose has on proteins, cells and other biological materials. Long established as a universal stabilizer of protein, trehalose helps maintain high enzyme activity while protecting against damage by stresses such as heat.

Trehalose is also recognised as a potent enhancer for DNA/RNA amplification technologies, including NASBA and PCR, and can stimulate activity of certain enzymes at higher temperatures.

Derived from natural plant extract, trehalose is available in dihydrate powder or 1M solution.


  • Does not react with amino acids or proteins
  • Imparts physical and chemical stability to many proteins and cell types
  • Reduces loss of biological activity during and after lyophilisation
  • Protects against protein denaturation and aggregation at cold temperatures
  • Confers thermostability, enabling storage & shipping at warmer temperatures
  • Stimulates activity of certain enzymes at higher temperatures.

Our Trehalose Products

Our Molecular Biology Grade Trehalose Dihydrate is highly characterized and stringently controlled to meet the requirements of today’s nucleic acid assay systems. There is no detectable RNase or DNase activity, and endotoxin concentration meets U.S.P. requirements.

D-(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate Powder

NameDatasheetPacksize Order
D-(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate|M.B. Grade1 kg View
D-(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate|M.B. Grade500 g View

D-(+)-Trehalose 1M Solution

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D-(+)-Trehalose Solution|1M100 ml View
D-(+)-Trehalose Solution|1M500 ml View