STEM-CELLBANKER® Stem Cell Freezing Media

Animal-free stem cell freezing media optimized for iPS and ES cells

STEM-CELLBANKER® is a ready-to-use, chemically defined, animal-free stem cell cryopreservation solution manufactured under GMP conditions. It is optimized for embryonic stem (ES) and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell storage, as well as being a suitable solution for the cryopreservation of other fragile cell types. Containing only European or US Pharmacopoeia graded ingredients, STEM-CELLBANKER® is the optimal choice for storage of cells developed for cell therapy applications. It is also available as a DMSO free formulation.

  • Enables long term cell storage >10 years at -80˚C or -196˚C
  • Maintains cell pluripotency, normal karyotype, and proliferation ability post-thaw
  • FDA Drug Master File registered
  • Manufactured in compliance with JPN, EU, US, and PIC/S GMP guidelines
  • Suitable for cell, organoid, and tissue cryopreservation
  • Consistent high cell viability
  • No programmed freezer or liquid nitrogen required
  • Chemically defined and animal component free

Cell Viability

Results of cryopreservation analysis performed at the Karolinska Institute on hESC and iPS cells with STEM-CELLBANKER® show significantly higher cell viability over conventional freezing medium while retaining cell pluripotency, normal karyotype and proliferation ability in HS293, HS306 and ChiPSA cell lines (Holm et al., Hum. Reprod. 2010).

Cryopreservation of Mouse Kidney Tissue

mRNA Preservation Following Cryopreservation of Cells


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