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STEM-CELLBANKER® EX cryopreservation solution

Xeno free cell cryopreservation media for cell therapy

STEM-CELLBANKER® EX is a chemically defined, xeno-free, cryopreservation solution that only includes components registered as inactive ingredients that have already been approved for intravenous administration. Proven to achieve high post-thaw cell viability and cell recovery, STEM-CELLBANKER® EX offer new possibilities in cell therapy.

Over the past decade, the rapid developments in cell, tissue, and gene therapies have redefined what a therapy can be and are redefining established terms such as formulation, active-ingredient, and excipient. These therapies require a reliable and safe method of cell cryopreservation. However, the delivery of the cell therapy product by a process that includes the washing out of the cryopreservation solution can present an inconvenient added step to the administration of the product in a clinical environment. Due to its formulation, STEM-CELLBANKER® EX eliminates the need for this step.


  • All components approved for intravenous application
  • GMP grade manufacture
  • Master File registered with the FDA - CBER
  • Chemically defined and animal component free
  • Consistent high cell viability & cell recovery
  • Suitable for cell, organoid, and tissue cryopreservation
  • Enables long term cell storage >10 years at -80˚C or -196˚C
  • No programmed freezer or liquid nitrogen required
  • Maintains cell pluripotency, normal karyotype, and proliferation ability post-thaw

Product Information Table

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STEM-CELLBANKER EX - GMP Grade (100ml) (formerly 11890EX)100 ml View

Cell Viability Test

Cell Recovery Test

In summary (Fig 1 & Fig 2): High cell viability and maintenance of cell function of STEM-CELLBANKER® EX cryopreserved cells after thawing.

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