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RNA Library Construction Kits for NGS

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a powerful tool which is revolutionizing multiple areas of biological research, allowing genomes to be sequenced rapidly and efficiently. NGS technologies include a number of methods that are grouped broadly into template preparation, sequencing and imaging, and data analysis. RNA-Seq is a key technique which utilizes NGS to reveal the presence and quantity of RNA in a biological sample.

AMSBIO supplies a range of RNA library construction kits to reduce RNA-Seq workflow complexity, shorten sample library preparation time and labor, and minimize errors by eliminating extra steps and optimizing the experimental protocol. With a low RNA input required, our kits can be used for sample preparation from rare and difficult to obtain sources such as pathological samples, and can be used in situations where the samples are degraded as with formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples.