HuSH-29™ shRNA Vectors

For effective target gene expression knockdown

AMSBIO offers a genome-wide collection of pre-designed shRNA for human, mouse and rat genes. With an optimal length of 29 bases, HuSH-29™ has the longer length required to efficiently enter the RNAi pathway, while still being short enough to evade the interferon response and initiate strong and specific gene silencing. Available in 4 different vectors, HuSH-29™ achieves a higher potency and specificity than shorter expressed RNAi forms.

Available in 4 Different Vectors

pRS: basic retroviral vector without fluorescence
pGFP-V-RS: retroviral vector with GFP, to monitor transfection
pRFP-C-RS: retroviral vector with RFP, ideal for double knockdown
pGFP-C-shLenti: lentiviral vector with GFP to monitor transfection

Vector Characteristics

Features pRSpGFP-V-RSpRFP-C-RSpGFP-C-shLenti
Product CodeTR20003TR30007TR30014TR30023
Fluorescent LabelN/AGreenRedGreen
Selction Marker in E.coliAmpicillinKanamycinChloramphenicolChloramphenicol
Selection Marker for MammalianPuromycin
Transient and Stable TransfectionYes
Viral packagingRetroviralLentiviral