GenePORTER® Gold Transfection Reagent

High transfection efficiency in all cell types

GenePORTER® Gold Transfection Reagent is a new, highly effective and reproducible lipid-based gene delivery formulation for the widest variety of cell lines, especially the easy-to-transfect cell lines. The key to GenePORTER® Gold’s exceptional ability to effectively transfect cell lines is Advanced Conjugation Enhancement (ACE) technology, a nuclear targeting mechanism that consistently delivers the most effective performance of any reagent on the market.

The GenePORTER® Gold Reagent and protocol have been optimized to provide the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective transfection reactions possible, while minimizing cytotoxicity.

Transfection efficiency in hard-to-transfect RAW 264.7 cells. RAW 264.7 cells were plated on glass cover slips and transfected with 1µg of gWiz GFP and GenePORTER® GOLD, jetPRIME (Polyplus-transfection) or Lipofectamine 2000(Invitrogen, Inc.) in 12 well plates according to the manufacturer's recommended protocols. Cells were incubated for 48 hours then fixed, permeablized, and incubated with AlexaFluor 555 phalloidin (Invitrogen,Inc.), which stains cellular actin red. Cells were mounted on slides with Prolong Gold antifade reagent with DAPI (Invitrogen,Inc.), which stains the cell nuclei blue. Cells were visualized by fluorescence microscopy using identical exposure times for FITC, TRITC, and DAPI. Transfection efficiency, cell viability and cell morphology are simultaneously assessed indicating both high efficiency and significantly higher viability for GenePORTER® GOLD transfected cells relative to cells transfected with jetPRIME and Lipofectamine 2000.

Comparison data