CellScrub™ Buffer

Fast and easy post-transfection clean-up for better downstream results

CellScrub™ Buffer is a unique washing buffer designed to remove all complexes of DNA and cationic lipids which associate with cell surfaces during transfection. This buffer is non-toxic to cells and is able to distinguish between extracellular and intracellular plasmid DNA.

When CellScrub™ Buffer is used as part of the cell washing procedure, more precise quantification of the amount of DNA delivered into cells can be achieved. CellScrub™ Buffer improves results in research involving DNA stability, cytometry, and gene delivery.

Why use CellScrub™ Buffer?

In order to accurately quantify intracellular DNA which has been delivered by cationic lipids into cells, a washing procedure is required to remove all of the plasmid that is attached to the cell surface, while still maintaining cell viability. It has been found that trypsinization and washing with PBS is not sufficient to remove cationic lipid/DNA complexes associated with the cell surface.

CellScrub™ Washing Buffer has been developed to allow for the removal of all of the extracellular plasmid without altering cell viability. This washing buffer is an extremely useful tool to help differentiate between the amount of DNA bound to the cell surface and the DNA that is internalized into cells. This allows for a more accurate analysis of DNA delivery and intracellular DNA stability, making CellScrub™ Buffer a valuable tool in non-viral gene delivery research.

Contents: CellScrub™ Buffer (1 vial x 100ml)
Storage: CellScrub™ Buffer should be stored at 4°C. Stable for 6 months when stored properly.