FACSmax™ Cell Dissociation Solution

Maximize your cell dissociation efficiency

To achieve single cell suspensions with maximum viability, AMSBIO offers FACSmax™ Cell Dissociation Solution. This chemical separation solution utilizes a cocktail of enzymes carefully calibrated to break up clumped cells. At the same time, FACSmax™ Solution leaves the plasma membrane and intracellular components intact, allowing for maximum cell viability.

In comparative studies with standard mechanical and chemical dissociation methods, FACSmax™ Cell Dissociation Solution has proven its superior effectiveness and ability to generate healthy single cell suspensions that are optimal for accurate cell counting, flow cytometry, viral transfection assays, cell sorting, and bioreactor scale-up.

Dissociation of MCF-7 Cells Using FACSmax™ Solution

MCF-7 cells were harvested at 90% confluency from a T150 culture flask using a cell scraper, centrifuged and resuspended in 10 ml of complete medium.