SoluBL21™ Competent E.coli Cells

Express insoluble proteins in soluble form

SoluBL21™ Competent E. coli is a significantly improved BL21 host strain for soluble mammalian protein expression. Using a directed evolution approach, a mutant strain of BL21(DE3) E. coli has been developed that can produce soluble protein in the majority of cases where expression in the parent BL21(DE3) yielded no detectable soluble product. With the SoluBL21™ strain, a major obstacle to effective protein expression in E. coli has been overcome for many mammalian proteins. This significant improvement should enable you to make progress in a wide range of applications more quickly and far less expensively than in the past.


Purification and characterization of the human γ-secretase activating protein
Catherine L. Deatherage, Arina Hadziselimovic, and Charles R. Sanders (2012) Biochemistry. 51 (25), 5153-5159