Cellufine™ MAX Phenyl/Phenyl LS

Hydrophobic interaction chromatography media

Cellufine™ MAX Phenyl is an extremely useful media for the chromatography of hydrophobic proteins. Many proteins have hydrophobic acid residues which will interact with the phenyl functional groups on the surface of the cellulose beads, allowing for the efficient purification of proteins while maintaining biological activity.


This hydrophobic interaction chromatography media is available in two types which differ in functional ligand density:

  • Cellufine™ MAX Phenyl : standard
  • Cellufine™ MAX Phenyl LS: low ligand density

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TypeCellufine MAX Phenyl Cellufine MAX Phenyl LS
Matrix Highly cross-linked cellulose
Particle Size (µm)ca. 40 - 130
Ligand TypePhenyl
BSA adsorption capacity (mg/ml)146
Polyclonal IgG 10% DBC (mg/ml)3119
Operating pressure (MPa) <0.3
pH stability2-13
Storage 20% ethanol

Cellufine resin was developed by JNC and is available from AMSBIO in EU and the US.

Model Protein Separation

Adsorption Capacity of Model Proteins

Dynamic Binding Capacity vs. Salt Concentration

Customization (Control of Ligand Density)

Custom Cellufine™ MAX Phenyl is available on request- please contact us for more information.

Pressure-Flow Properties

Cellufine™ MAX Phenyl media enables high-flow operation, which is essential for the efficient purification of bio-pharmaceuticals. All Cellufine™ MAX HIC media are operable at practical flow velocities and pressures.