Cellufine™ Cellulose Chromatography Mini Columns

An effective tool for protein purification

Cellufine™ Mini Columns are prepacked columns, which can be packed with different types of Cellufine™ products in a media volume of 1ml.

Mainly used for an initial media screening and protocol pre-optimization in discovery and pre-clinical applications, these mini columns are a convenient tool for the isolation, purification, and concentration of biomolecules from aqueous samples.

Influenza virus separation by Cellufine™ Sulfate Mini Columns


Volume of Cellufine™ Sulfate: 1 ml(ID 8×20 mm)
Liner velocity: 120cm/hr
Equilibration buffer: 0.01M Phosphate buffer, pH 7.4
Washing buffer: 0.01M Phosphate buffer, 0.19M NaCl, pH7.2
Elution buffer: 0.01M Phosphate buffer, 3M NaCl, pH7.0
Virus strain: A/duck/Hokkaido/Vac-1/04 (H5N1) β-Propiolactone
--- Allantoic Fluid was filtered after centrifuged
(Centrifugation: 8,000 g × 30 min, Filter:0.45μm Cellulose Acetate)
Sample volume: 6 ml : The virus sample from Prof. Kida (Hokkaido Univ. Graduate school of veterinary medicine).