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Biosimilar Antibodies

Reference antibodies for analysis of biological processes

Biosimilars are biological compounds, almost identical to a reference biologic drug that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for medical treatment. Research-grade biosimilars are research tools for analysis of biological processes without the need to purchase expensive therapeutic-grade biologics.

To develop a superior biologic drug, it is important to synthesize a benchmark reference antibody. The reference antibody can greatly facilitate the downstream development, it can help identify critical cell lines, reagents, performance characteristics, etc. Our research grade biosimilar reference antibodies will help to study and improve your targeted therapy strategies.

Strict quality control

Protein detection

Comparison of flow functional detection


One of the main challenges in analyzing the impact of biosimilars is obtaining a validated positive control for in-situ analysis. FFPE cytosections of HEK293T cell pellet that over-express targeted proteins are available from AMSBIO. These cells are obtained by transfection of a sequenced verified cDNA clones transfected into HEK293T cells and the expression is verified by western blot and IHC analysis.

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